Sample Work Notice :

On wide demand regarding easier sample work submission, we have brought new platform for you. Now candidates can also apply through TEPT Data Services Portal

Learn Rules and Regulation Before Downloading Sample Work

  • Open above .Pdf file and start typing from page 7 to page 12 in MS Word and follow below Rules and Regulations instruction.
  • After Completing the above sample file. Please click on submit sample to send your sample work with your personal details. 

Rules and Regulation 
  1. Please don't raise any query to Admin regarding Rules and Regulation. This is one kind of Sample test so we need you to understand from your end. We have covered all points from our end. If any query raised will give negative remarks about your performance. 
  2. Type the content as it is. appear. Example: If heading is in centre, select centre, and paragraph is in left, select left align. First Title or Subject should be select as Heading 1 in Style.. 
Example: Chance to Win (by default it should be Arial, 16, Bold ) 
If there is second title or subject below, then please select only Heading 2 in style 
Example: I will Win (by default it should be Arial, 14, Bold and italic) 

3. After Heading, Give 2 Enter and start the paragraph. Between the paragraph one Enter.

4. Paragraph should be Normal, Book Antiqua, and Font size should be 13 ( Type Manually in Ms Word)

5. After Full Stop, Please give 2 space. If Full stop after end of paragraph, no space should be given.

6. After Comma, semi colon please give 2 space.

7. After Double Inverted Comma, Single Inverted Comma, Question Mark or Any Special character. Give Only 1 space

Note :-

If Inverted Comma after Full stop, then give one space 
If Inverted Comma before Full stop, then give two space 
Ignore Spelling Mistake. Please don't try to rectify.

9) Go to file Menu and click on Page Setup. And set

  • Margin : Top, Bottom, left and Right should be 1" 
  • Gutter : 0" Gutter Position : Top 
  • Paper Size : A4 (21 X 29.7 cm), Width: 8.27" Height : 11.69" 

10) One page of PDF will normally take 2 MS Word Page. Please keep continue typing in same page.