Sample Work Notice :

On wide demand regarding easier sample work submission, we have brought new platform for you. Now candidates can also apply through TEPT Data Services Portal

Quality Control

Our work is subject to a quality control check. This ensures that minutes and rate details are taken, the time required back is taken, the quality of the dictation is reported on, the dictation is proof read, and finally emailed back to the client.
Audio transcription services including, Medical transcriptionLegal transcription, and Interview transcription.
  • Copy typing.
  • Presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Data entry and spreadsheets using Excel and Access.
  • Mailmerges.
  • Word processing
  • Creating templates
We require copies of your in-house templates to undertake your work and produce it to your company standard. Fingertips will discuss with you how you like your documents laid out and correct spacings etc prior to work commencing.
During transcription, we complete the dictation to the best of our ability.  If we come across dictation that is unclear, but it sounded like a certain word we put s.l. (sounds like) and the word next to it, highlight this in red font in square brackets with the time of the dictation.  If we cannot make out the word at all, then we type unclear in red font in square brackets with the time of the dictation. The secretary will put a marker on the dictation file so that her team leader can listen to the word and try to interpret it. If the word is still unclear, the client can easily listen to that part of the dictation and correct the word.
After a secretary has completed a dictation, she is required to fill in the front page of the transript.  This contains various details including the name of the voice file, the secretaries name, the date and comments regarding dictation.  The secretary will comment on whether the dictation was clear or whether it was poor and any extra comments the secretary feels relevant. Digital dictation is aimed at helping secretaries as well as dictators and the purpose of these comments is to encourage dictators to dictate clearly and effectively, ensuring efficiency for both the dictator and transcriptionist.
Our Service Level Agreement outlines our levels of service, dates and turnaround times and who carries out certain duties. A copy can be seen upon request.