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Interview Transcription Services

Interview transcription is required by many firms such as market research companies and universities carrying out research projects  Students also undertake research interviews as part of their coursework. Conversations are also recorded for other purposes, maybe to be used in court, meetings in an office, or insurance companies recording telephone calls.
You can view examples of our transcripts on the home page. 
Fingertips can transcribe interviews in four ways.
Verbatim transcription: Everything recorded in the transcript is typed up. This will include erms and ers, you knows, repetitions etc. Coughing, pauses, laughter etc is put in brackets. Words are typed as said i.e. gonna, wanna and 'cause.
Intelligent verbatim transcription (without slang): The typist will use his/her common sense and eliminate erms, ers, you knows, repetitions, and other irrelevant conversation in order that the transcripts reads sensibly but with all the relevant information. Abbreviations are transferred to full grammar in order that the completed transcript reads in a good standard of English and contains material relevant to the subject matter.
Intelligent verbatim transcription (with slang): The same as above i.e erms, ers, you knows, repetitions etc left out but slang words like gonna and wanna left in.
Discourse Analysis: Either verbatim or intelligent verbatim but showing every pause, cough, laughter etc. Short pause will be shown as (.), medium pause (...) and a long pause (.....), (cough), (laughter), (loudly spoken) etc.
Types of interview transcription services:
  • Marketing and research interview transcription
  • Student research interview transcription
  • Police station interview transcription including PACE
  • Job interview transcription
  • Radio interview transcription
  • Journalist interview transcription
  • Telephone interview transcription
  • Focus group transcription
  • Press briefing transcription
  • Lecture transcription
  • One to one interview transcription
  • Transcription of speeches
  • University research project transcription