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Get Paid To Surf the Internet

You can get paid to surf the web by becoming a member (no cost to participate) in a new Global economic community. Yes, it is global - worldwide, just like the Internet, and it pays you for what you are already doing - Surfing the Web.
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You could be getting paid. So all you really need now is to learn how to make money by surfing on the Internet, right? All you have to do is use your browser with an advertising bar on it and get paid $1.44 per hour. The bar can be turned on or off and when it's on, you are getting paid money to surf the Web. (You don't have to click on ads in order to get paid.) 

Once you sign up, you will be given a referral code that you can use in your emails, your blogs, and your web sites - BUILD your network and refer friends, family and colleagues and earn even more!

Whether you are researching, surfing, making a purchase, Blogging, clicking on an ad, whatever, and you are generated money by your activities. Up until NOW, this money was going into the pockets of a very small group. The NEW get paid to surf the web program you are learning about here is putting an end to that!

Today, the framework is much more favorable: there is much more sophistication of online commerce, there is a rapid emergence (and success) of global communities, and a new wealth of advertising revenue sources. Isn't it about time you got your share of the Internet, but hey, if you have an aversion to making money on the internet while surfing, sign up and donate your earnings to your favorite charity - they have made it easy for you to do just that - your favorite charity or organization will thank you.

  • It is risk free.
  • It costs NOTHING to participate, no upgrade, no outlay, $0.
  • It will pay you up to 5 hours of your time online every month.
  • It will pay you a percentage of all your referrals and indirect referrals down through five levels, as they spend time online.
  • You will have a simple view bar to download that takes up less space than the Google or Yahoo toolbars.
  • Best of all, this need to be repeated, it is totally free, Members will NEVER have to pay anything!
How does this work?
Once you sign up, members will be allowed to download the free toolbar-sized application which is about half the size of a traditional Windows tool bar. The release of the view bar will be provided to members in the order they have enrolled, this is why it is so IMPORTANT to enroll now to get in that enrollment line.

Your view bar will sit quietly on your desktop without ever interfering or hampering your Internet surfing habits. That is it - that is ALL you do! Then just continue surf the web as you normally do...there is no need to change your surfing habits!

Anytime you do not want to use or see the View bar - you simply minimize it and the view bar will stop working! If you have several people, family members using one computer - you can have different view bars to fit each users profile.

The View bar™ also has many additional features:
  • Search (which lets us get you money from search engine companies)
  • Contextual ads (which lets us get you money from advertisers)
  • Anti-fraud and other software utilities (which lets us get you money from software companies)
Remember, this is all FREE; you do not lose anything and will actually capitalizing on some of the time you spend surfing the web each month. ALL you have to do is sign up, download the View bar.

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