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How to make money online : Work from home

Voice of Of a Dataprolinking Inc.'s User

From the feed backs I receive from you, most of my visitors have a very simple question to ask. They all ask how do I  make money.  Since 2006, I am actively participating in this field. Like every successful internet marketing personality I too followed the trial by error method there by choosing the best option to make money online. I followed catchy banners and attractive link advertisements to data entry opportunities, paid surveys, paid to click services, affiliate programs, internet marketing programs and Google Adsense. I must agree that, I am not a Johnchow or Shoe money.

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If you ask me my preferred idea to make money, I would not hesitate to answer that Google adsense is my preferred option. It is feeding me well for the last two years and always improving.  Worldwide recession fears did affect adsense for a while but it is free from that fears now. I began my journey by creating a free website at Since then I created many websites and the website you are reading now is among the best websites that makes money for me. From my experience I would advice you to create a quality website with quality original content before applying for the adsense publisher account.Also try to improve the traffic to your websites before you apply. Once accepted as a publisher read the program policies of adsense before you increase the traffic. Increase the traffic using genuine white hat techniques accepted by Google. Never try to click on your ads as Google has a great system in place to find malpractices. Build links using Seo techniques and increase the content of your website or blog to receive organic traffic. This also increases the number of ad displayed. There are many techniques discussed in adsense blogs to optimize the ads displayed in your website.

Second best option that I use to make money is Internet marketing. I became a member at to learn about search engines and other webmaster resources. There is a marketplace there and I used this opportunity to bid for SEO jobs. I did the jobs to the satisfaction of my clients and received itrader from them. In between I received some big projects that gave me handsome returns. You can follow my footsteps and become successful here if you have a decent English language. Always have more satisfied customers and they will increase your chances of getting more quality clients. This is a serious job and you can make fortunes here if you are committed.

I tried affiliate marketing to some extent. But I must agree I never made great fortunes here. I am not under estimating the potential of affiliate marketing.It is a genuine option. But we must spend money to make money here. Google adwords, Yahoo search marketing and other tools must be used to improve the sales and I never had the patience to run great ad campaigns. But whatever little I tried this option I did make a small fortune here.

I tried data entry jobs. I went after many flashy advertisements to spend some money but  I never made it big here. Most of the advertisements offer to make us rich overnight. Greedy people are easy prey for this option. But there are some genuine options too. You can find genuine offers at, etc.

I made some money from paid to click and paid surveys. I consider both of them as genuine opportunities.Survey offers like and planet pulse did send me few checks. But we must understand one thing here. It is possible to make some money with paid surveys. But, it is almost impossible to make huge fortunes with these offers.At the most you can afford to make a small pocket money with this offer.