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Work from home by selling your E books

What is an “E Book” ? How we can work from home and make money with it?  According to ”
(Electronic-BOOK) The electronic counterpart of a printed book, which can be viewed on a desktop computer or a portable device such as a laptop, PDA or e-book reader. Numerous e-books can be kept on portable units for traveling, eliminating weight and volume compared to equivalent paper books. Electronic bookmarks make referencing easier, and most readers allow the user to annotate pages”.
Now we know what is an E book. Let us learn how to optimize an E book and make money from it. First step is to find a topic to write. Once you have a topic, you will spend your time in researching the topic. After the research it is time to find an unique feature that you will not find from other books. This is one feature that will propel your sales. Without this unique feature, you cannot sell you product successfully.
Let us think about an example here. I have decided to create an e book on Website traffic. First step is deciding on the topic. Next step is to research. After the research I will list all the possible ways that one can use to generate traffic. Now I will again research to provide my users with one unique sell point. This feature the users will not find elsewhere. If I can provide users a genuine method that will help them create 100 visitors for free then I have a product.
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Once I have the product it is time to convert the E book in to PDf format. Users will like to read a book that is attractive and easy to read. Flashy languages will not help you here. So what you will do? create a great headline, attractive images to accompany and some video presentation to help visitors etc.
Once you have completed your product, you must create a sales page. This will also act as your landing page. This is where you win or lose. You may have created a great E book but success of your product depends on how you present your visitors the product. You can employ experienced people out there to create a sales page if you are not confident. Next step is fix a price. Pricing is based on the quality of your efforts. you cannot set high or low price. Too much price can send your visitors running away.Too low the price and the visitors will doubt the quality of your product.
Now we have come to the last step. Listing your electronic Book in click bank and other place. I prefer Click bank to other places. They offer great support and they have a healthy strong affiliate base. You can concentrate on sending traffic to the product and relax with them because they have a great tracking system and they pay per sales.
Your job is not complete as soon as you list your product in clickbank and other affiliate websites. We must actively create traffic using various web promotion methods. Usual link building along with PPC campaigns will help you make good sales. You must concentrate on organic traffic as well. Organic traffic or search engine traffic is key to the success of any website.  As usual we are here to help you. If you have any question, use the comments feature and ask us the question. We are always willing to help you.
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