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7 Ways To Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List

Having a well constructed opt-in marketing list can be quite crucial to the success of any Internet based business effort. Even small ventures can benefit greatly from a good opt-in list. It can mean the difference between making an extra income or no income at all. For an ecommerce site, having an opt-in list is essential.
An opt-in list permits a company to market their wares via email to subscribers who have given their permission to receive promotional emails. This is a win-win for both parties since subscribers can get valuable updates and other information from your newsletters while you can use it to promote your latest products to a large group of willing buyers.
Because there is consent between the two parties, mail sent to the members of the opt-in list is not considered spam. You can use this list to send all kinds of promotional materials, such as catalogs, new product announcements, newsletters and so forth and so on. Because the members of the opt-in list have signed up for them this means that they really do want to be sent these items and will probably read them as well.
Building a list is crucial because only a small percentage of the list that actually subscribes for an opt-in list actually takes time to read it on a consistent basis. Many people find promotional mails annoying, even if they signed up for them. However, if you provide a good newsletter or other promotional material that can capture the attention of potential buyers, you will see your list grow.
As long as your site is of good quality you can also achieve a higher percentage of readers. If your content is good people will like what they see and read on your site. Your  opt-in list would act as a teaser to attract them back to your site.
Other than marketing your wares, an opt-in marketing list can be used in other ways in order to earn an extra profit. Most of these methods should only be used after you have already build a successful opt-in list with a large number of subscribers. It’s really simple: The more subscribers you have, the more money you can make.
Here are seven ways to make money using your opt-in marketing list:

1) Sell Advertising Space.

There are many corporations who are willing to pay to place their banner and text advertisements on a list with a good number of subscribers.  For many companies, it works well for them to place ads with lists that have a huge subscriber base. By placing ads that fit well with your newsletter you could make some good money.

2) Develop Affiliations

It can be a good idea to have affiliations with other companies that have a complementary product or service.  In your mailing, these other companies would provide links and short descriptions of what they have to offer your subscribers. Payment for this service could be a flat fee based on the number of subscribers, pay per click throughs to the target site or a commission based on purchases made by your list subscribers.

3) Use Affiliate Marketing

This is similar to #2 except that you work through an advertising broker that connects you with companies who will pay you for sales to or actions by your opt-in list subscribers.

4) Consignment Sales and Classified Ads

You may offer the opportunity for subscribers to your list or others to place advertisements for products in your newsletter. They would place descriptions, articles and photos of the product in your mailing, much like a classified ad.

5) Sell eBooks

Another good technique is to sell e-books that are a compilation of your articles or that are complementary to it. You will find that How-To Manuals are quite popular within many niches. People are willing to pay good money in order to gain additional knowledge about their favorite subjects. Since your existing list trusts your expertise and knowledge in your niche, an ebook should be well received.

6) Create a Network

Use viral marketing techniques or just simple contests to get people who are already on your opt-in list to invite more people. This can greatly increase the size of your list and, of course, with more people this means more clicks on advertisements and more purchases on items you are selling.

7) Build Partnerships

Often you will find that a few of your subscribers may have complementary skills and knowledge. By working with them to develop a way to market their skills through your list, such a partnership can work to both parties mutual advantage.