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Home Based Desktop Publishing

Work at home jobs or say home based jobs are now a days gaining importance. There are many home based computer related jobs. One amongst them is desktop publishing. It is a word used to signify advanced ways to publish documents. Today’s is a computer age; everything is replaced by a computer to give a better & a quick output. In the desktop publishing, documents are published in a new way using a desktop computer against the use of stereotypical methods of using a typewriter, glue & scissors.

It has a very low overhead &start up cost, so suitable for work at home jobs. It’s almost all business who uses this advanced method of publishing for some or the other purpose. It is a broad category. So one can choose to specialize in one of number of niche areas. The work is to prepare office items by making use of graphical designing. Items like invitation cards, brochures, files ,CD’s , letterheads, visiting cards, logos, catalogues, spreadsheets, calendars ,product list, menus, presentations, advertising banners, etc .by becoming a desktop publisher one can prepare any kind of graphical material.

In this job one needs a high capacity computer, desktop publishing software, color printer, scanner, font software, CD writer, virus protecting program, clipart. There are about 8 niches for desktop publishing business. If you are skilled in graphic designing you can opt for designing logos, newsletters, and brochures. You can make some sample of each &post it on your website or send mails to companies, who in turn will approach you. Success of this work depends on equipments, software & proficiency in using this is a fast growing work at home jobs because new companies are coming up &they need high quality work to be done in shortest possible time…which is possible by desktop publishing.

Thus desktop publishing is a term that has a fast market due to the ever-growing business that graphic design for, trade show exhibitions, outdoor signs, promotional products, etc. if you are a computer graduate or have knowledge about graphics than it’s your best option for starting work at home.