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Make Money with Contacts

Cost cutting measure to reduce marketing expenditure is what every next company is doing during the present economic downturn. But, this indirectly affects sales and the profit graph. In the true sense, your business needs to maintain its authenticity, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Thus, during such period, bulk email marketing and mass mailings are the most cost effective ways to achieve your goals and increase sales. Bulk email broadcasting also takes your business worldwide and makes your brand known to the masses. 

Email Marketing India Firm TGRPL through its email broadcasting services has done many email marketing campaigns and we assure that you achieve your business goals just at a meagre price. Our Email marketing campaign and email marketing services provide you complete end to end solutions for getting sales. 

Contact has white list agreements with major ISPs so our clients can enjoy industry-leading deliverability. A third-party company, Pivotal Veracity, scores our email deliverability rates between 98%-99%.

Track the performance of your email blasts at a glance with our charts and graphs that are populated in real time.

Use one of our 300+ professionally designed email newsletter templates or one of your own for beautiful permission-based email marketing campaigns.

Easily set up, organize, and leverage your mailing list to boost your email marketing into overdrive!

Third Generation Resources mass email marketing service combines sophisticated features such as surveys, autoresponders and RSS feeds into one easy-to-use all-inclusive product.