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Data Entry : Voice Transcription

The simplest definition of voice transcription is conversion of spoken words into electronic or computer text form. It implies the ability of a machine or a person to receive and understand dictation or interpret and carry out spoken commands. 

Voice Transcription offer high quality and cost effective services which cover varying needs of General Business, Medical, legal, Universities and Entertainment industry. Voice transcription is undergoing rapid changes in view of widening security concerns and technological advances. Voice transcription is an inevitable requirement when considering the enormous tasks carried out in industries such as Health Care, Medical, Insurance, Legal, and Media. Professional voice transcription services are outsourced, moving in line with the changing and demanding requirements of global clients, whether it is medical professionals dictating patient history and physical reports, the legal and insurance industries that record verbal statements made in and out of court, or police, who record onsite for accident and crime reports. Outsourcing Voice Transcription Services caters to the voice transcription needs of clients that range from individuals with a one-time requirement to firms that require transcription services on a regular basis. 

Voice transcriptionists are professional graduates. After a formal induction, they undergo a thorough training as per the required guidelines. They are required to be familiar with the advanced software and internet usage and posses excellent typing skills, time management skills, communication and interpersonal skills, interacting skills, excellent verbal and writing skills. Their commanding skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up every word reflect high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.

For voice transcription data is required in the following format:

Data dictated into a Hand-held recorder. Uploading dictation files to a secure server using your PC with headset.

The voice transcription industry is undergoing rapid changes. Technological advances as well as widening security concerns are responsible to bring about a new level of sophistication and integration of voice technology into everyday use. It is always advantageous to use cutting edge technologies for voice transcription that enables the transcriptionists to provide a number of services mainly greater security, reduced cost, dial-in-dictation, fast turn-around, high level of accuracy, voice management etc. Data is processed from audio, video, and online voice files including MP3, .DSS, and WAV files. Nowadays voice recognition systems are used for automatic voice transcriptions of unknown voice by phonogram of telephone negotiations.

There was a rumor spread in the industry that the recognition systems would replace transcriptionists. It is true in some cases. To speed up the work, these systems can be trained to recognize all the unknown voices. However, no system can add, edit or manipulate data as and when required by the clients. Hence, the job of voice transcriptionists would never be at stake and will always be required where the industry demands them.