Sample Work Notice :

On wide demand regarding easier sample work submission, we have brought new platform for you. Now candidates can also apply through TEPT Data Services Portal

Offline Typing Jobs

  1. Is there any skill required to work?Yes, Skills are required like typing speed at least 30 - 50 WPM so you can work fast. Computer Knowledge of at least MS-Office, Windows and Internet Is required. Internet is required just for downloading work files which hardly takes 15 minutes.
  2. What will be the Format of Work?
    We will Provide you .JPEG (Image Files), Which You have to Convert In MS-word File by typing only.
  3. What will be the exact content of the work files?
    Time is very important & precious for everyone, Same for these companies they don't want you to waste time in creating tables & editing different text symbols etc. The work is very simple, just plain text matters. No symbols, No equations, No tables, No images. So that you can type & submit job work fast.
  4. What is the Accuracy level required for getting payment?
    Payment terms is different for each plan , Please read the different working plans>>
  5. Can I Use Software for this work?
    No, You are not allowed to use any software for converting image file to MS-Word. If found we will terminate you. Because when you use software's it changes the Ms-Word file codes which is not visible to us. Also these files will be immediately rejected by company systems.
  6. After submitting the work in time, When I'm going to get Accuracy/Checking report & Payment?
    After submission of your work within 7-10 working days you will get the Accuracy report to your Email Address & payment if any, will be sent to your address through At par Cheque, Bank Transfer, PayPal or as the per the payout mode you selected during registration. However you can change your payout mode at any time by logging into to my account and clicking Change Payout tab.
  7. What If I fail in the Job work?
    If you fail, to complete the work than you won’t be getting next work & no Second trial will be given, you wont be getting payment & further job. However in some cases, we give extra days to clients to do the job.
  8. How company will Pay me ?
    Company will pay your amount in the following manner:
    [a] Indian Customers - 
    will be paid either by Fund Transfer directly to their bank Account, or by At-Par Cheque, or by Demand Draft or Paypal.
    [b] International Customers - 
    will be paid either by Wire Transfer directly to their Bank Account, or Paypal, or Western Union/Money Gram or Cheque.

    [c] As per the payout mode you have opted during registration.

  9. When the Company will pay me?
    All payments are released within 7 days of your work submission. Suppose you took Plan 1 of 15 days for ex. on 01-01-2010, and you submitted it on 15-01-2010, than on or before 22-01-2010 you will get your payment. However, delay may happen due to postal delay or any national holiday. We send all payments by priority speed post or as indicated in Point No. (8).
  10. Will Company Deduct Any Tax?
    No we won't deduct any type of taxes. We are not responsible for any type of taxes that may come to you. Its your sole responsibility to consult your accountant or tax officer regarding any type of tax on your earnings.
  11. Do you provide me any Instructions on How to perform the work?
    Yes, We will provide you a step-by-step instruction guide with work. We also provide full details of page setup in Ms-word, how much margin, indents, fonts, font size etc that has to be maintained.
  12. What about the registration fees ?
    The registration fees is on behalf of 24 months contract period and totally non refundable fees which will cover all our administrative charges, server charges, email support which you get after joining.
  13. After submitting the job work when I'm going to get next job work and payment?
    After submission of Job work within given time period or before as per the Plan, within 7 working days you'll get next job work and payment. Saturday, Sunday & holiday are not included in working days.
  14. What if I submit the Job work within given time limit?
    Whether you submit the work in 5 days or 15 days, you have to count duration days as per the plan + 7-10 days for checking and reporting. 
  15. Yes, I'm interested to do this Offline Data Entry Job? What will be my next step?
    Good. Just fill up the Registration Form, select the plan you are interested in, make payment. On receiving the same particular job work will be activated for you in 24-48hrs. You'll receive activation email, make sure to check bulk/junk/spam mailbox too. Once activation is done, just log in to my account section and under premium jobs or your jobs heading, click offline data entry. You'll find all instructions, settings, videos and all work files which you can download on your pc. You can also make payment for registration fees using, credit card, paypal, net banking, debit card.
  16. After getting registered How I'm going to get my work?
    On getting Registered, within 24-48hrs job work will be activated in my account section.
  17.  When will I get my first Paid Work (actual data)?
    Simple, After receiving your application , Within 24-48hrs job work will be activated in my account section. Once job is completed you have to email it to the email address provided in my account section. After that, your data will be checked & you will be given the report through email only & if you are eligible you will get next work or payment.
  18. How much time will it going to take for downloading my work files?
    To save your time, we divided your work files into different sets, each set contains 10 files. Each Set takes around 2 minutes to download. Start working with set 1 & in the mean time let other file sets get downloaded.
  19. What will be the format of downloadable files?
    All files will be .jpeg files, in Zip Format. Just click the unZip files and files will be saved on your PC. These .jpeg/.jpg can be easily open on any computer using winzip.
  20. Can I get my work through CD?
    Previously we use to send the work through CD, but we & customer both have to face some problems like postal & courier delay in getting work cd, CD getting damage in transport, error in CD, Sometimes files are not opening. So because of this lot of time wastage was there both for us & customer. So now we keep files on server without any error, which customer can download in no time. And ofcourse you don't have to wait for post or courier, No damage to your work files, No error. This is the reason why we stopped sending work through CD.
  21. What If I Want to Stop the Work for few days, Is it Possible?
    Yes, Its possible for this you've to intimate as in advance before starting of the next Job work.
  22. I'm not from US, UK, Canada or India, can I still Apply for the Job?
    The Job is open for world wide candidates. You can apply from any country and can work in any country it doesn't matter. We welcome International Customers.
  23. I'm an International customer, I'm interested in Joining the offline Job, but I don't have credit card or paypal to make payments. Is there any other options to make payment for registration fees?
    Yes. You can still send payment to us using western union ( orMoneygram( or through wire transfer (Bank to Bank Transfer). To Know different options in detail, checkout our Payment option section 

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