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What is deeplinking?
If you are and affiliate publisher then this is for you. Deeplinking is a process of linking and exact page or a product page to another website page with the intention to generate some sort of sale, lead or action. Most probably it is done for a sale.

Deeplinking is not new but 2012 is the year where it has widen its reach and a large number of online merchants offering this facility to their advertisement partners (agencies or publishers) to generate these leads and sale. 

Why should you deep link? 
aIt has been shown that difficulties getting from a homepage to a specific product page is responsible for over a quarter of failures in getting a visitor to purchase a product. By deep linking to a specific product, an Affiliate is able to largely eliminate the problems associated with navigating a Merchant's website. By taking the visitor directly to the information that they desire, you greatly increase the chances of converting that visitor into a sale. If you only link to the homepage of the Merchant then you are forcing that visitor to takes several more steps to find the product that they want. It is far better to make it easy for the visitor and send them directly to the product page.