Sample Work Notice :

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Medical Book Data Conversion

Everybody taking up the work through through our associate company will be called the USER. Click here for demo file. As you will see in the Demonstration that there are two windows, the upper window will contain Scanned matter (PDF, JPEG, TIF files) while the lower window is empty where the Individual undertaking the Data Conversion work from home Project will have to manually type the matter being shown in the upper window. The work will have to be done only in the Software provided. This is one of the measures taken to protect highly confidential copyrighted matter provided to the USERS from piracy and to maintain the correct sequence of the material keeping in view the convenience of the User so that he/she may view the image file and the file being typed simultaneously in the same window.

The USER is supposed to type 550 to 600 pages in a stipulated time frame of 30 days. Each page will be containing only TEXT material without any diagrams, pictures or tables. The TEXT material will be as much as an A4 size page contains when typed in the standard font and size (approx. 800 words per page when typed in Times New Roman size 11). No formatting of the TEXT being typed is required. The only thing to be taken care of is the ACCURACY of the text being typed.

The mistakes which are considered as errors are – spelling mistakes, numeric mistakes, punctuation mistakes, small/capital letter mistakes only. Any extra or less spacing is NOT considered as an error. The USER is supposed to type exactly what is being shown in the image file without correcting any grammatical or spelling mistakes even if they are found in the image files. The USER needs to type in the default font and size without bothering about the Bold/Underline or Italicizing the text.

There should not be more than 4 errors per page (on an average basis) for the work to be of acceptable quality. The USER will be paid a sum of Rs.5500.00 if there are maximum 4 errors per page on an average. It means there should not be more than 2400 errors if there are 600 pages to be typed in order to qualify for this second slab of payment of Rs.5500.00

In order to qualify for the first slab of payment of Rs.8500.00, there should not be more than 2 errors per page, means if there are 600 pages to be typed, there should not be more than 1200 errors in the whole Assignment work to get the full payment of Rs.8500.00.

The accuracy checking part of the process being very important as well as sensitive, our Client co. has evolved the best possible method to make it 100% transparent to the USER.