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Data Mining Jobs

Superior security, storage convenience, easy access, and low cost make online data entry an attractive option for today’s businesses looking to improve data management. Data organization is crucial for operation, performance, and productivity, and online data storage has emerged as the most convenient and cost effective way to manage them. While it is extremely easy to find online skilled and professional online data entry service providers offering low cost and quick solutions, latest technological revolution has considerably improved storage and maintenance of data online.

Online Data Entry: Meaning and History

Online data entry refers to the compilation of data from internet sources and compiling it in a format suitable for online storage and accessibility. It comprises a number of processes, such as data entry, data mining, data extraction, typing, and web research, which are used to find relevant information online and arrange them in an orderly manner. The data and information are converted into a digital format and compiled for use on computers. A database is created to store and access them from any location. In many cases, latest IT technology is used to encode the useful data for machine interpretation.
It was in the 1960s that online data entry came into existence with limited introduction of the Internet in the United States. Data mining from various sources were carried out for civil and military purposes. In the 1990s, it picked up with commercialization of the Internet and popularity of the World Wide Web. The emergence of low cost data entry providers with the latest technology and facilities led to a large volume of online data entry outsourcing in the early 2000s. According to the US Department of Labor, about 40 percent of the people working online in 2000 were engaged in data gathering, retrieving, processing, and analyzing. With the rapid growth of online knowledge resources and information supply, the demand for online data entry has been expanding fast.

Types of Online Data Entry

  • Website research and data compilation
  • Data mining from online sources and entry to database
  • Ebook, catalogue, and online image data entry
  • OCR and Data capture from online sources
  • Ecommerce website product and service data entry
  • Captcha data entry
  • Compilation and entry of online business card details
  • Online image capturing and database entry
  • Online data entry from questionnaires, forms, and surveys
  • Mailing list creation and labeling
  • Encrypted data compilation
  • Advantages of Online Data Entry
  • The growing popularity of online data entry rests on the following advantages it provides.
  • Low Cost and Quick TAT

Online data entry clerks source and compile information from the Internet. The emergence of technologically superior search engines makes it quite easy to find large volumes of data online, which is then conveniently compiled in much lesser time than scanning offline data and compiling the same. For pricing and packaging databases, price, description, and stock data can be updated in the shortest possible time, offering great market advantage to businesses and convenience for customers.

Easy To Data Mine and Capture

Better research reach make online data entry popular. It is easy to find and compile data from various parts of the world while sitting at your home or office. News and medical agencies can just forward reference websites or data requirements along with the format to their outsourcing partners, who can search and compile data from online sources within a quick turnaround time. As online sources are readily available, there is no need to spend money on compiling offline data and converting them to electronic format.

Database Management

Online data entry enables faster and better database management. There is no need to convert data into electronic format and secure it. The database is easy to protect using passwords and access from any location when permitted. You can share and offer controlled access to users online and monitor their use. It can be an advantage to retail, e–commerce merchants, and banking institutions that require quick database update from various internal and external sources and easy sharing.

Technology Driven

Online data entry is driven by IT technology, which cut costs and time. The growth of internet technology facilitates direct communication, better research, and superior storage and sharing. It has also facilitated outsourcing of hectic and time–sapping data entry tasks that reduce operational expenditure and assure quick service. Latest technological changes have added to improved security of online database and its fast updating.