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Become an 'App Tester"

Android and iOS Apps are being developed in numbers of thousand daily and needs to be tested in front of real users before they actually can appear for final approval and so become ready to distribution. Developing a App needs a good budget but testing of it needs even more budget.

That's why the new job category has emerged and young people are grabbing it with both hands.

What does an app tested actually do?
App Tester is a normal phone user who is more enthusiastic about installing new phone & web apps into his phone or computer and can use it intensively to find out if the App has any bug into it or missing an useful tool/setting options. He gives the developer or the company or the owner of the app useful feedback regarding the usability and his experience towards the App.

How much does as App Tester earn?
App Testing Jobs are getting popular with the ever increasing number of mobile devices in the market and into the hands of end user. Incentive for giving useful feedback after testing a particular App depends on the span of it. A simple app testing can give you $50 one time incentive but a large app can give your 10 times more of this amount.

How can i become an App Tester?
App testing jobs are being forwarded to the tester through various agencies. These agencies are very much like the paid survey panels which are running online for years. They choose the tester with his profile tags and sends him request about his interest in a particular web app or phone app testing. So to apply for such job you may choose finest survey panels which you can find at